Itsuki and Maika

Itsuki is Haine's biological father.In his youth he was Maika's lover and Koutei.After eloping and parting with Maika,he left so he can establish what was left of his family's company.

Since Kazuhito gave Itsuki Haine as an exchange for money,he adopted her.Later he married a widow Ryouka and adopted Kusame.

Itsuki forgave Maika and Kazuhito and decided to stay with his wife,Kusame, and Haine who decided to stay an Otomiya.He never found out Haine was his daughter.


Itsuki has golden hair and eyes( because Haine has that hair and eye color ).It is mentioned that Haine looks like him.Itsuki is 37 years old.


Itsuki is Ryouka's husband and Kusame's step-father.His only blood relative mentioned is his daughter Haine.