Itsuki and Maika

Maika Kamiya


Kazuhito Kamiya,[husband]Haine Otomiya,[daughter]Komaki Kamiya,[daughter] Tachibana Kamiya,[son] unamed baby girl and parents




Maika is the wife of Kazuhito and the mother of Haine,Komaki,Tachibana,and of a baby girl who will be born soon.

During her youth,Maika was Itsuki's lover,which made Kazuhito so mad that he took away Itsuki's gold status by force.Maika was made the first Platinum, which made her bound to Kazuhito,then was forced to marry him.

But before she married Kazuhito,she eloped with Itsuki vowing that she will never love Kazuhito.Eventaully Maika learned to love her husband.When Haine was given away,as well of the secret of Haine's birth,Maika lost her memories.

She later confessed she loved Kazuhito and she still loved Itsuki.Maika did not divorce beacause her husband would be lonely.

At the end of the manga it is revealed that she is going to have a girl.


Maika is a beautiful yet graceful woman with long white hair and turquise blue eyes.She looks like Haine but a taller mature version.Maika was known for ballet.Her age is about 37.


Maika has three children Haine,Komaki,Tachibana,plus the baby she is expecting.Her husband is Kazuhito Kamiya.She has money loving parents whos' names weren't given.